Fees Structure

Revised Fees W.E.F 1st January, 2022

Sl No.Fees DescriptionProcessing FeesRegistration FeesForm Charge/Late FineTotal
1 Fees for First Registration from WBPC (for Diploma)3500.00300.00200.004000.00
2 Fees for First Registration from WBPC (for Degree)5500.00300.00200.006000.00
3 Fees from Degree holder from other State ( Both Diploma and Degree)800.00500.00200.001500.00
4 Fees for Renewal per year1275.0025.00100.001400.00
5 For issuance of Duplicate Renewal Certificate0.
(a) First Time500.000.000.00500.00
(b) Second Time1000.000.000.001000.00
(c) Third Time1500.000.000.001500.00
6 For issuance of Damage Registration Certificate850.00150.00100.001100.00
7 Issuance of Original Duplicate Registration Certificate0.
(a) First Time1500.000.000.001500.00
(b) Second Time10000.000.000.0010000.00
(c) Third Time15000.000.000.0015000.00
8 N.O.C. to other State1000.000.000.001000.00
9 Change of surname1050.0050.00100.001200.00
10Issuance of certified copy1000.000.000.001000.00
12Address change100.000.000.00100.00
13Misc. Charges0.
14For 10+2 Equivalent Certificate0.
15For Cancellation of Registration on own Request0.
16Verification of Genuineness0.
17Additional Qualification (B.PHARM)875.0025.00100.001000.00
18Additional Qualification (M.PHARM)1375.0025.00100.001500.00
19Additional Qualification (PHARM.D / PH.D)1875.0025.00100.002000.00